Bike Cult Show Dedicated to Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles in Harlem.



Ezra Caldwell is a renaissance man.  For the last five years he has been a bicycle designer and fabricator while being in treatment for aggressive "ass" cancer as much of the time as not.

Ezra grew up in Putney, Vermont.  He spent lots of time in his father's custom woodworking shop.  He went to The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with the intention of becoming an industrial designer, but took a dance class one night on a dare and switched majors the next day.  Nearly 15 years later, after a 10 year career teaching modern dance in NYC, he returned to his roots as a fabricator.  Ezra began Fast Boy Cycles in Harlem in 2007, building one-of-a-kind custom steel bicycles and various wood accoutrements including fenders, handlebars, and crates.  His mission: to make complete bikes to be ridden for personal transport as car replacements in urban environments.

Shortly after starting Fast Boy Cycles, Ezra was diagnosed with rectal cancer.  For five years he has heroically carried on with his work while undergoing intensive treatment for a terminal illness.  Only this last year has he stopped taking new orders for custom bicycles.  Nevertheless, Ezra's blog TEACHING CANCER TO CRY with photographs, videos, cooking instructions and medical updates, shows his creative output on full steam, in essence, an exemplary personal performance in facing one's mortality.

Bike Cult Show is grateful to showcase Ezra Caldwell's life and work.  Ezra's last bicycle project, a high-end mountain bike named the Ultimate Tight Ass or UTA, will be on display at the show and Ezra will launch the auction of this special bicycle.  More details to come.


assless 2.0

assless 2.0