Bike Cult Show, the hand-built bike show at Warsaw the Polish National Home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn will be judged for a 'Best in Show' prize by the following luminaries:

Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop is the builder of Bishop Bikes out of Baltimore, Md. He has won prizes at every North American Handbuilt Bicycleshow since 2011 as well as many Cirque du Cyclismes and is one of the exemplars of his craft.

Andrew Crooks

Andrew Crooks is the owner of NYC Velo and is a tireless supporter of the culture of cycling in New York City. Andrew is a collector of bikes and will bring his knowledge of the marketplace to bear on his judging.

Steve 'Pops' Klein

'Pops' is New York City Cycling personified. He has owned and ridden more bicycles than possibly any rider out there. From organizing messenger alleycat bicycle races to riding the streets of New York daily, 'Pops' will bring the perspective of a rider to the judging. He has served as a judge at the Cirque du Cyclisme in previous years.

Taliah Lempert

Taliah is a painter and her subject is bicycles. Utilizing fine art technique and a keen eye for the aesthetics of the machine, her Bicycle Paintings capture the heart of an otherwise inanimate object. Taliah will bring her keen eye, feminine sensibility (something missing from many shows) and deep appreciation of bicycles to the judging.

Ezra Caldwell

Ezra is to whom the show is dedicated. He builds Fastboy Cycles in Harlem and creates well thought out machines that incorporate virtuoso technique and encapsulate a unique urban presence. Ezra was also diagnosed with cancer and has been preparing for the end of his life, a process that he has documented in searing detail on his blog Teaching Cancer to Cry.

David Perry

If Ezra is not able to judge due to his 'ass cancer' his place will be taken by David Perry, owner of Bike Works bicycle shop on the Lower East Side. Dave wrote 'Bike Cult' the book in 1995, presaging the explosion of interest in bicycles and human powered transportation by at least a decade. Dave is a historian, a mechanic and rider of bicycles, and is, in every way, a high priest of the Bike Cult.